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The most simple & convenient way to access talk therapy – anytime, anywhere, any device. Whether you’re looking for counseling services or you are a therapist seeking resources and guidance to take your practice online, we can help.


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Explore- 1 Session
What to Expect ?

Vent out, discuss your issues & create a plan with your talk therapist

Price- ₹ 2299 (Price per session ₹ 2299)
Identify: First step towards Positivity-3 Sessions
What to Expect ?

Identify thought patterns, break negative thought loops & initiate positive ones.

Price- ₹ 5999 (Price per session ₹ 2000)
Focus: Transforming Yourself -6 Sessions
What to Expect ?
Focusing on the progress and more of positive thoughts, transforming oneself
Price- ₹ 9999 (Price per session ₹ 1666)
Mind your mind- 12 Session
What to Expect ?

Initiate behavioural changes, learn how to manage your thoughts & emotions

Price- ₹ 16999 (Price per session ₹ 1417)

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